Stella Residence

Smart Group Development

We are a corporate group whose experience in building development projects dates back to 2015 during which time we have sold around 160 flats and houses throughout Poland and built over 12,000 residential spaces we have experience in managing construction projects and developing real estate. Our company is involved in the planning, design, construction and sale of various types of real estate, such as single-family houses or apartment buildings.

Our company’s experience covers a wide range of activities that are essential in the development process. At the outset, we engage in market analysis and identification of potential locations for new projects. We then carry out studies and assessments on the feasibility of the investment, taking into account financial, legal and technical aspects.

Once a suitable location has been selected, we begin the process of designing the property, which includes architectural, structural and installation plans. When the designs are ready, we start building.

Using our experience, SMART GROUP manages the entire construction process, from purchasing land and materials to hiring construction teams and coordinating the work itself. During construction, our company ensures that the highest quality standards are adhered to.

Our company’s experience derives from the numerous investment projects we have carried out in the group area, i.e. around 12,000 residential spaces and more than 140 clients in the past. This means that we have an understanding of the development process, the ability to manage risk and solve problems, as well as the ability to create attractive and functional real properties.

We are aware of market trends and customer preferences, which is why we always adapt our designs to changing needs and expectations.